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Stoneberry Credit Union pulled a credit me me or about 11/20/2018 I called them to inquire why they had made inquiry on my credit r because i hadn't applied for credit and there wasn't any reason for a report. while I questioned them I got nothing but double talk and the manager was very defensive.

She said she didn't no why they pulled report, however right on my info from equifax it stated it was for a home mortgage which i told her, she just got more pissed with saying that how did I find this out and they weren't doin anything wrong. I informed them I have victim ID theft and they were even more nervous hung up on me. I called them back but still git not no were with them. I will be filing a complaint with the feds they said they had no idea why they where looking my info up but they had the right to do it.

When I asked them to contact the credit adjence they contacted like all other banks and credit unions they refused.

They obviously have earned there F rating from the BBB. Tom Bellows

Product or Service Mentioned: Stoneberry Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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