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received call from stoneberry about pass due bill.never hear of this company. they issued account online to a person using my name with a po box #.did not have my address or other info.how dumb is this? this company should be put out of business.called customer service and asked how anyone could take a credit app. with a po box # as a address.their repley was yes they do this over the phone.With... Read more

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ordered a meat grinder for my husband for Christmas and they didn't get it here until the end of Jan and I had to go out a search my town so he would have something to open on Christmas, so when it got here I had to pay 20.00 to return it, then got a Bill for 24.37 they said it was Va Taxes and shipping it to me in the first place RIP OFF DON'T ORDER FROM THEM EVER AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see why... Read more

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I ordered Christmas gift in nov 2014...i paid for my deposit..one item was shipped..2 days before christmas..they told me the rest was on back order until 1/07/2015..ok..its late but thats fine..then went to check my order status the day they were to b shipped..and the rest of the order was cancelled on 12/25/2014...wth?? It as cancelled two days after they told me it was on back order...will... Read more

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I have always had ex ellent service from stoneberry.a very good company. Add comment

was approved for credit for like $300.00., the item i wanted was close to that so they said i would have to pay $30.00 down., no problem went to order then was told out of stock!!! so i ordered my next item that was much cheaper and under my limit and included 3-5 day shipment., after a week called back to see where it is., was told they didnt ship because i needed to pay 20% down!! are you fff... Read more

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So you tell me that you never receive my order.. I mailed the order out in November and then you ask me if I used someone else's name. Wth is tht ***!!! Add comment

I did a Xmas order for my grandkids on 11-16-14. I have been waiting I talked to stoneberry and they told me to go to some Web site.It keeps kicking me out. Then they sent me a survey asking how was my order that was delivered. I go really! !!!!! All I know is I'm going two grand boys very upset. I've done a lot of business with Stoneberry, but know they lost a . customer Add comment

recieved a PREAPPROVED magazine, ordered a generator (in October '14), was told it was out of stock, then told it couldn't be processed until they recieved $100 towards my purchase, paid the $100, then told it's still on back order til dec.9, now told its on back order until dec 24.....why is this company selling something they apparently don't have?! They have my money, I've waited since October... Read more

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I received a catalog today. It is very difficult to find how many payments are required to pay off an item. I then looked at Wal-Mart and found just about everything is far cheaper at Wal-Mart. A toaster was half the price at Wal-Mart. Add comment

My order was cancelled without an explanation . I did not cancel it. If credit was denied it would have been nice to have been told this. Add comment

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