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I ordered product never did receive. Then started getting bills. Wrote on the statement and returned back on each one what happened. Then received call from credit department stating that I owed 65.49 for the return shipping. I explained that I never received it to return it. Was referred to the supervisor department this took numerous phone calls before I was able to talk to someone. She... Read more

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I ordered some stuff from Stoneberry and was approved and was told it was already shipped but then got a letter stating they weren't sending items needless to say i already have account for 2 years paid off account and was never late so that one i can't figure Add comment

The trouble i had i order floor tile first 3 boxes came incomplete broken tile then they sent they say free box then charge for it 3 weeks later they sent what i order the first time i didnt or and charge for it now they want almost 3hundred dollar for that the company is a ripe off to me just robbing u Add comment

Had over 1000.00 available credit with stoneberry and a cbr score of 698 They use their own score, 1 to 99. Excellent to them is 99 equal to a cbr of 800+ I scored 91 and with snail avail stoneberry credit over $1000.00, I was declined a 200.00 purchase. Needless to say, I've cancelled my acct with them and will not give return business. Add comment

First everything I wanted from catalog was no longer available. So, I ordered another item. After arrival, didn't like toaster (too big), stereo was too small and didn't have Bluetooth. Called customer service for RETURN postage stickers,was told "I HAVE TO PAY TO RETURN", Because of size of boxes, cost was gonna be around $147.00. That's almost the cost of merchandise. After speaking to customer... Read more

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Everytime i order they act like your doin them a favor and everything is always on back order? its not worth the headache. Add comment

Received the product broken, fortunately I was able to find a broken wire and re-solder it. Then received the statement on the day it was due. A postmark on the envelope was for three days prior. When we called to dispute a late fee they claimed for the month before we were told the current statement was mailed one month before it was due and once it leaves it isn't their problem. I sad I have... Read more

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I got a rude letter claiming I was delinquent when I had paid my account off. I also had auto pay when I was making payments. Horrible rude people and I never want to see another piece of their junk mail sent to my home. Use Fingerhut everyone they are much better. I have never had one minute of trouble from them. Add comment

received call from stoneberry about pass due bill.never hear of this company. they issued account online to a person using my name with a po box #.did not have my address or other info.how dumb is this? this company should be put out of business.called customer service and asked how anyone could take a credit app. with a po box # as a address.their repley was yes they do this over the phone.With... Read more

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ordered a meat grinder for my husband for Christmas and they didn't get it here until the end of Jan and I had to go out a search my town so he would have something to open on Christmas, so when it got here I had to pay 20.00 to return it, then got a Bill for 24.37 they said it was Va Taxes and shipping it to me in the first place RIP OFF DON'T ORDER FROM THEM EVER AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see why... Read more

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