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I received a catalog with a pre-approved $500 limit. I did see some items in there that I like, so I ordered them. Got a letter stating that I WAS approved but I needed to send 10% down payment before they would fill the order and send items. Ok, is that pre-approved ? Think NOT ! I did send the 10% but now, with reading ALL these negative complaints, I hope I don't get ripped off like others. I... Read more

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I ordered a DVD player and after reading the reviews changed my mind the next day. Called and was told my request was still being processed by the credit dept but the rep said he ewould attach an email to forward to credit 2 Days later I receive notice item being shipped and that once it was in credit decision mode there was nothing that could stop it from being shipped. It was 2 late..Really.... Read more

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I placed an order for an elderly gentleman for a cat tower. 15 minutes later the cat fell and broke his neck. He died instantly. I tried to cancel order and Customer Service said it was too late. They sent me to Credit Approval where order was and they couldn't cancel it. They sent me to Customer Service. Talked to another person who said it was too late and put me on hold while she talked... Read more

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I received a catalog with pre-approved credit... have been wanting to purchase a Koerig coffee maker, so ordered one, only to be told I needed a down payment. I didn't send one right away, and am VERY GLAD I didn't!! I went to three different stores a few days later and decided to look at the coffee makers.... found EXACTLY the same model..everything EXACTLY like the one I ordered for OVER $100... Read more

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I placed Am order with perfect credit .....they said they were sending the order and then 2 Weeks later ...nothing when I called they said I needed money down .what a waste of time ..frankly *** .... Add comment

My husband received a pre approved catalog which is not really pre approved. When the customer places an order they tell the customer that a down payment is required. Bit when the customer call they are told payment in full. Which is not by any means preg approved credit. Add comment


My name is Federico Soler my order #50107416,0rder date/20/14,my wife called cust services today spoken with a very sour. Lady,because we bought two flip pillow,my husband doesn't like his because is too soft,I will keep mine,but when I asked maraih (cust service) for a returned slip,she told me that I have to pay for that!!because stoneberry didn't send returned label,that I have to pay for... Read more

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I am very upset because Stoneberry, sent me a catalog, telling me I was approved for credit of $500, well I only ordered 1 item, which came to $39.99 plus shipping & handling charges, which came to $55 & change, I have to pay 50% of the total, before they will send me the product, so I really believe that is wrong, so I don't want them to send me no more catalogs,cause its a lie. they... Read more

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I have been a customer with stoneberry well over a year now very good customer and I purchased a battery charger from them recently a week ago and send it back within 2 to 3 days of keeping it and after they received it they charge me for the shipping as well as add it on other charges as intrest I dont think thats fair. Add comment

Why can't I shop without having to join something. It makes me mad to have to do two other things before I can do what I want do. Iwill not be back on your sight again Add comment

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