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Have excellent credit with Stoneberry,tried to order three times and was turned down,just gonna pay Add comment

I made a purchase from Stoneberry and was not happy with the product. The complaint that I have is with there return policy. The customer has to pay for the return of the product. I think this should be changed. Add comment

Was offered a $200 credit limit through their catalog in Feb 2014. Ordered a Guitar combo for my 12yr old . Total was $197.98. Have made on time payments above the minimum with a current balance of $96.95 in good standing. Received an email yesterday with the following: You have been pre-approved for $00200 with Stoneberry Credit! To take advantage of this offer, please enter your pre-approval... Read more

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In December I received a catalogue saying I was approved for $100. I bought a watch for a friend, with no problem. This month I ordered a bird bath for the amount I have paid into my acct. My amt due and payments would stay the same. I never missed a payment, was never late. In fact I paid more than the minimum each time. I was turned down. Was I approved or wasn't I? Why was I approved in... Read more

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I received an e-mail from Stoneberry for retro kitchen appliances- including a hot dog steamer and a snow cone maker which I attempted to order and did order.I today got two e-mails saying they were out of stock of both items and yet they advertised these products. I do know that the FTC has gone after retailers advertising items which are out of stock. They lost a customer. lease do not do... Read more

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I ordered a mixer from Stoneberry in November, total for item and shipping was about $75. I was told at the time that my credit had been approved for $100. I made two minimum payments and then paid the balance off to zero. I then attempted to order another item, for 99.99 and forgot about the shipping charge. My account showed that they were sending out a letter requesting a deposit on the item.... Read more

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Call it stupidity or whatever, I ordered two items online the other day out of boredom mostly though the items seemed good. I received a order confirmation that evening, pending a credit check. Next day I recieve a call from customer service, they stated they wanted some information about me before placing my order. I was asked about length at employment, credit references - i provided this info... Read more

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I will never order from here again. I ordered the cat tree lounger in early December 2013. I finally received it in March 2014. Opened the box and no instructions on how to put it together and no hardware (screws) to put it together. I called them that same day and explained this. The first woman I explained the situation too sighed and said, "I guess it's my fault, I am being blamed for... Read more

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Y do I keep getting bothered I pd my account off way back in Dec.and still getting letters and phone calls.this needs to be taken care of soon as tired of it,and don't need to talk to any rude people.i don't treat my customers mean. The first payment was made in Oct.the total of the bill was 111.64. Ck1109. Payment 20.00.was made.then the total was I made a payment of... Read more

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